Low Country Education Consortium

A Collaborative Shared-Services Model

About Us

Low Country Virtual is a collaborative effort between multiple school districts in South Carolina that have a common goal – to develop high-quality virtual/online learning programs that meet the National Standards for Quality. Our work consists of three major goals:

K-8 Full-Time Virtual Program

9-12 Supplemental Course Development and Coordination

K-12 Virtual / Online Learning Technical and Assistance & Collaboration

These collaboration efforts are led by the Virtual/ Online Learning Leaders from each member district along with Consortium staff. These leaders have partnered with state and national organizations such as VirtualSC, the Digital Learning Collaborative, and Quality Matters to develop high-quality, virtual programs and services.

These district leaders have utilized the National Standards for Quality (NSQ) – the gold standard for online courses, programs, and teaching in the design of these services and have named their program Low Country Virtual.  The name has its origins from the region of the State that is the natural habitat of the Palmetto tree – the iconic image of the State of South Carolina.

You can read more about our work by using the links below.