About Us

The Low Country Education Consortium (LCEC) is comprised of four school districts along coastal South Carolina in the Charleston Metro Region. These four districts collaborate in a networked improvement community (NIC) to improve student learning outcomes in South Carolina’s Low Country region.

The Charleston Metro Region has a booming economy, and as reported in the Post and Courier in January 2019, has risen to the 16th best in the country as the port in Charleston and business and industry have continued to grow. An average of 28 newcomers move to the region daily. The Charleston Metro region is home to Boeing, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Bosch – just to name a few of the thriving industries located here. Aerospace, automotive, IT, port centric logistics, hospitality and tourism and medical are some of the prominent industries in the region.

The LCEC has strong business and industry partners as well as partners from philanthropic organizations. You can learn more about these organizations on our partnership pages.


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