Tri-County Cradle to Career

The Tri-County Cradle to Career (TTCC) is a valued partner to the work of the schools and districts in the tri-county region. TTCC believes that Education is the responsibility of the entire community, not just the schools themselves, and successful collective impact calls for the engagement of a broad cross-section of stakeholders from different sectors. TCCC is working with other organizations in the region and across the state to align on a common agenda of both local and state-level actions needed to reform education. Below are our agenda items:

  • Opportunity & Access
  • Equitable School Funding
  • Early Childhood/ Pre-School

“It doesn’t have to be this way. We know every child can learn – we have evidence right here in the region. We must see that we, as a community, are responsible for ensuring our children receive more than just a ‘minimally adequate’ education.” – John Read, CEO TCCC

The TCCC produced a regional report that identifies specific changes that TCCC is advocating for, including, among others, the increased use of the School of Choice Law to allow for additional innovative schools, redrawing attendance zones to greater diversify schools, reforming school funding policies, increasing teacher salaries and providing all families access to quality, affordable pre-school (3K and 4K).

“All children should have the opportunity to succeed. Although our region has seen some positive educational improvements, there are stark disparities in academic performance of children from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds that have limited opportunities for success. ” – Anita Zucker, chair of the TCCC Board of Directors and CEO of The InterTech Group.

Read the full report at this link.