LCEC Podcast
LCEC Podcast
Welcome to the Please Raise Your Virtual Hand podcast. We are so delighted to dive into the exciting, challenging, and sometimes messy world of virtual learning where nothing is impossible and redefining student success IS POSSIBLE!

About the Podcast

Please Raise Your Virtual Hand is hosted by Low Country Virtual teachers who have a passion for serving students in the virtual learning environment.  Throughout the series they will be giving listeners insight into the world of vitual learning.  LCV’s K-8 program, the collaborative efforts of their sponsor, the Low Country Education Consortium.  Listeners will also hear from a range of guest speakers that are both highly qualified and extremely trustworthy to enlighten us on this journey. 

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How to Listen

Stream or download episodes directly from our website, or listen via your favorite podcatcher!


Podcast Team

Meet the Talented Individuals Who Comprise the Team!

Matt Novielli - Host

Matthew Novielli is one of our passionate teachers at Low Country Virtual.  He has a  bachelor’s degree in  Elementary Education and a graduate degree in Special Education. As an educator, he takes pride in building relationships with students and delivering high-quality instruction. Matthew focuses on fostering student agency.  His goal is to help students understand how to learn and how to use critical thinking skills when problem-solving.  He has a growth mindset and believes that technology offers the opportunity to engage students in new and exciting ways of learning.

Amy McKenzie - Host

Amy McKenzie is an LCV science teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle-Level Education, an Online Teaching Certificate, and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. She is dedicated to providing high-quality education to every student that enters her classroom. Outside of the classroom, she is a wife, mother, nature enthusiast, and avid reader. Amy is thrilled to have the opportunity to share some insight into the world of virtual learning through this podcast.

Caitlyn Hardwick - Editor & Sound Engineer

Caitlyn strives to support teachers and students in utilizing technology to enhance the learning environment.  She has a keen interest in multimedia design.  Her work has set the standard and served as a model for curriculum development.  Caitlyn holds an M.Ed. in instructional technology from Coastal Carolina University and teaches middle school at Low Country Virtual.

Meg Barber - Producer

Meaghan has a passion for online learning focusing on student engagement, curriculum + course design, multi-media design, and instructional filmmaking in education. She earned her M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Coastal Carolina University and continues to teach for their online graduate program.  Meaghan loves any chance to be creative in the virtual classroom and loves to inspire others to take risks.


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