National Innovation Examples
National Innovation Examples

Building Parent Understanding – ExcelinEd

Developing report cards that help parents understand why data are important on the dashboards and how to make the data actionable.

Colorado Education Initiative- CEI

Partnering with schools and districts to explore accountability measures, processes, and tools that focus on continuous improvement.

Colorado Senate Bill 19-204

Gives local regions the ability to develop a local accountability system that runs parallel to the current structure for the time being.

Competency X

Competency X is an assessment approach developed for workforce informed performance tasks to broaden access to college and career opportunities.  The “X” is how learners choose to curate evidence of their learning and reflect on how it represents success with competencies.  The idea was developed at Del Lago Academy in Escondido, California to help students access the life science workforce.

Deeper Learning Resources – Learning Policy Institute

Georgia Department of Education – Continuous Improvement Work

iNacol Blog – Rethinking Accountability

Themes iNacol is seeing in work across the country include:

  • Redefining Success
  • Reciprocal Accountability
  • Rethinking Measures 

Mastery Transcript Consortium

Tony Wagner Blog via Competency Works on the Mastery Transcript Consortium Work

Reciprocal Accountability – Article from iNacol

“Accountability must be a reciprocal process. For every increment of performance I demand from you, I have an equal responsibility to provide you with the capacity to meet that expectation. Likewise, for every investment you make in my skill and knowledge, I have a reciprocal responsibility to demonstrate some new increment in performance. This is the principle of “reciprocity of accountability for capacity.” Richard Elmore

Reimagining College Access – Learning Policy Institute

Rethinking Measures– California and Vermont – Article from iNacol

Low Country Eduction Consortium

Career and college readiness for every student.