College & Career Tools
College & Career Tools

Members of the LCEC are fortunate to partner with the Charleston Metro Chamber. Through our partnership with the Chamber we are able to greatly improve student readiness for college and career. The Chamber is committed to ensuring that current and future generations have career opportunities in our region’s fastest growing occupations. The Chamber partners with our school districts and regional partners to provide programs, services and resources to introduce local students to the skills and jobs in highest demand.

2019 Regional College & Career Guide

Through Career Academies, Youth Apprenticeships, Scholarships and the Regional College and Career Guide, the Chamber is working to fill our talent demand gaps while providing our students pathways to lucrative careers.

This regional planning guide serves students and their families by providing information that can assist students and their families in navigating their high school careers and preparing for the future beyond K-12.

Low Country Eduction Consortium

Career and college readiness for every student.