Dr. Frank Rodriguez

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Beaufort County School District


Beaufort County School District Superintendent Frank Rodriguez earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science Education from Florida State University (1993), his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Florida Atlantic University (2000), and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University (2009). 

“I am driven by the notion that a great education is the key to a person’s future, and I dedicate myself to ensuring that each and every child receives one.”

During the past 25 years, Dr. Rodriguez served the South Florida education community in a variety of capacities: as a secondary Social Studies teacher; as a program coordinator for the Florida Department of Education; and in the Palm Beach County schools as an elementary and secondary principal, Area Director of Transformation Schools, Assistant Superintendent over six district departments, Area Superintendent and as a Regional Superintendent. Dr. Rodriguez lives in Beaufort County with his wife and their two children. 

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