K - 8 Program

For the 2021-2022 school year, multiple school districts are intentionally coordinating efforts to offer a shared-services, full-time virtual program option for K-8 students. While these numbers are not likely to be large in all of the individual districts, by coordinating our efforts we will be able to provide a high-quality online option for students in our network.



Low Country Virtual, a collaborative network of districts, will provide rigorous, standards-based personalized instruction aligned with the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate in a flexible learning environment that meets the needs of South Carolina’s learners.


Program Design

While Low Country Virtual K-8 is a locally designed program, our planned virtual offerings are based upon the National Standards for Quality (NSQ) for Online Programs, Online Teaching, and Online Courses.

An important feature of this program is that the students remain enrolled in the home school district with the per-pupil funding remaining with the district.  Low Country Virtual K-8 is managed and led by the participating districts in the network.


Guiding Principles

  • We exist to expand student learning opportunities and to improve student learning outcomes.
  • We believe teachers are integral to the process of learning and should offer expertise, feedback, and respect for diverse learners.
  • We value professional learning for staff and recognizes its vital importance to providing a quality online learning experiences for students.
  • We believe that students, parents or guardians, and school staff should work collaboratively to focus on student success.
  • We value the expertise in the network to develop and implement a high-quality virtual K-8 program.



The Consortium will utilize the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, Programs, and courses as foundational components for its virtual program. The Standards for Quality will drive the hiring, evaluating, and operational processes for the K-8 program.

Teachers will hold appropriate SC certification for teaching the assigned courses/ levels and will either possesses or be working towards a South Carolina endorsement as a virtual/ online teacher.

Best practices in digital learning indicate that curriculum design and developmental age of the student are factors that should be considered when determining the balance between synchronous (live sessions) and asynchronous (on the student’s own schedule within a specified time frame).



Parents whose child attends a district in the network listed below may contact the home school or Virtual/ Online Learning Office in your student’s district for more information. The Low Country Virtual Parent Guide has additional information for families.

Parent Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers for Low Country Virtual can be accessed at this link.


Partnership Districts

Districts in the partnership opt-in for participation for the shared-services model in grades that range from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each district has chosen to participate in the grade levels that best meet their needs. If you have specific questions regarding your district’s participation please contact your school district or school for more information.

Low Country Eduction Consortium

Career and college readiness for every student.


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