K - 12 Technical Assistance

Low Country Virtual provides technical assistance and support to the network districts through a variety of strategies detailed below.

Consortium staff are also available to provide assistance and support as districts collaborate and work on common goals pertaining to virtual learning.

We're a premium member of the

Digital Learning Collaborative

The Digital Learning Collaborative is a membership community that works to illuminate key issues in digital learning, disseminate research and guide best practices to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all students.

As a premium member, network districts and the Consortium have access to the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to participate in committees, surveys, and research as an organization,

  • Representation on the DLC Executive Committee that assists with strategy and direction,

  • Opportunity to participate in responses to inquiries made by researchers, reporters, and others seeking examples of case studies and best practices,

  • Opportunities to participate in DLC blogs and podcasts,

  • Opportunities to serve on conference and program committees, and

  • Access to DLC staff time for support and assistance.

We're a member

Quality Matters


An additional exciting feature of our partnership is the Consortium-level membership in Quality Matters, a non-profit quality assurance organization, that is the gold standard for online courses.

Consortium-level membership in QM will over time enable the network to formally train staff to evaluate courses that have been developed in the network and conduct our own quality reviews to get a certification of quality. QM Certification is an endorsement that has meaning for students, parents, and districts in the network as it signifies the course has met the QM Standards.

QM Tools and training can be valuable in the design courses, and Quality Matters hosts professional learning opportunities that the network members can participate in to continue to refine our online programs.

Collaborating for success

Virtual Learning Leaders

Virtual / Online learning leaders in our network meet regularly to develop shared services and collaborate.

This group often includes school administrators, professional learning leaders, and senior leaders from the districts in their planning and work. The Consortium staff provide support via time and assistance to this group.

Interested in working with us?

Non-Network Districts

Consortium staff often get requests to provide technical assistance and support to non-network schools and districts. On a limited basis, the Consortium is considering undertaking these types of projects as fee-for-services work. For more information, you may write the Consortium at info@lcec-sc.org or by phone at 843-608-8771.

Low Country Eduction Consortium

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