Virtual Learning Leaders

The breakthrough innovations come when the tensions are the greatest and the resources are the most limited. That's when people are actually a lot more open to rethinking the fundamental way that they do business.

Clayton M. Christensen

The LCEC has worked with the member districts to form this Virtual / Online Learning Leaders’ Roundtable. These Roundtable members are working to create a multi-district online provider agreement to share resources and increase equity in access to quality online courses.


Greg Harrison

Dr. Greg Harrison currently serves as the Virtual Academy Director for Dorchester School District Two, which is currently serving over eight thousdand students virtually. Harrison

Vice Chair

Celeste Bearden

Celeste Bearden has worked in education for over 20 years in both the public and private sectors. She has served as a School Counselor, Computer Science/Technology teacher, and cur



Low Country Eduction Consortium

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