2018-2019 C2 Work

In order to ensure that graduates from the Lowcountry high schools are prepared for their future, the Lowcountry College & Career Readiness Project Steering Committee will…

  • Utilize the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Skills in High Demand Report in Conjunction with the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate to Identify 2-3 vital soft skills students need to master before graduating;
  • Recommend a scalable plan to implement soft skills into instructional systems without creating an extra burden on teachers;
  • Use Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Demand Study, Metametrics Career Database, and local metrics specific to English language arts (ELA) and math attainment in order to establish grade level benchmarks that would indicate the percentage of students “on track” to be ready for occupations in high demand in the Lowcountry.
  • Engage in action research by exploring the feasibility of developing and using a common observation tool in a potenetial pilot sites among all four districts that focuses on identified soft skills and 21st Century Learning.
  • Develop a framework for a “Lowcountry Report Card” that provides information regarding soft-skill attainment, ELA and mathematics benchmarks (without an overemphasis on standardized assessment results), and other pertinent information that is easily understood by all stakeholders.